14 August 2014

Are You As Competitive As You Could Be?

“Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it all away from you.”

What does that quote from Mark Cuban, self-made billionaire, business mogul, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, mean to you? At Callcap, it reinstates our belief that both the offense and defense aspects of business are irreplaceable. We’ve mentioned some offensive tools your business can’t do without, but it’s important to not gloss over the defense, too; after all, the team that spends time working on their defense puts themselves in the best position to win.

So, are any of these things hindering your business growth?

  • Complacency: Don’t let yourself become complacent, and don’t let your team believe that because you’re the best at what you do now, no one will ever change that. That line of thinking makes you vulnerable, and you could put everything you’ve worked for at risk.
  • “The Way We’ve Always Done It” Syndrome: This is a warning signal for anyone who hears it, says it, or believes it. “The way we’ve always done it” doesn’t always mean a process is done effectively, efficiently, or correctly. What proof do you have that what you’re doing is working? If you don’t have any, reevaluate your methods.
  • Fear: Here’s another angle—in the recent economic contraction, many business owners have retreated in certain aspects of their businesses. They’ve cut spending, reduced payroll, stopped hiring, eliminated advertising, and quit training. The reality is these that you can’t afford not to do some of these things. These are the times when you should be expanding on all fronts, because chances are, your competition is retreating as well.
  • Past Failure: Similarly, many businesses feel like they’re in the grasp of the economy and must adapt to it rather than create their own economies. They’re afraid to take risks to better their businesses, and this is why competitors begin to close the gap. They have failed before at something and are afraid to fail again.

So, how can you make sure you’re staying as competitive as you can be? Innovation and advancement are two of the most important aspects of running and improving a business. The way you stay competitive is by not only expanding your customer base, but also by taking advantage of tools that your competition may, or may not, be utilizing.

We help our clients stay ahead of their competition by giving them precise, accurate, near-immediate knowledge of what’s happening on the front-line of their businesses. They have the tools at hand to correct and improve their customers’ experiences. Ultimately, this system increases customers’ satisfaction, deepens their loyalty, increases revenue, and cements your business’ competitive edge.

Here’s how our team can help your team

  1. Call recording. If you want to better understand what’s being said over the phone and how your CSRs are interacting with your customers, and add an extra layer of protection to your company, you need to record your calls. Don’t take our word for it—there are several recent examples that show just how imperative call recording is to your company’s reputation.
  2. Call tracking helps you understand how and why your customers are finding you. Call tracking sharpens your marketing spending and allows you to reinvest the money you save into other areas of your business, like training, raises, more advertising, and other business necessities.
  3. Call monitoring sheds light on how many of your leads convert and why others did not. It is key in recovering missed opportunities and improving your customer’s experiences through employee training.
  4. Follow-up surveys give you a detailed understanding, from start to finish, of just how satisfied your customers are with the overall experiences your company provides.

As a business owner, you probably feel uneasy when you have to write big checks for a service that isn’t immediately “tangible.” At Callcap, we get it—that’s why we offer services that give you detailed evidence of your business successes and areas for growth. With that proof, you’ll be able to address CSR improvement, missed opportunity recovery, and business protection through call recording.

Once you see what you can improve, you’ll be able to take steps toward the changes that will improve your bottom line. With Callcap, you can stay miles ahead of your competition.