21 May 2015

Actually, Call Measurement Might Not Be Right For You

Do you run a status quo operation? Then call measurement is not for you. (No, you didn’t read that wrong.)

Status quo companies take for granted that their phones are ringing. They believe the ringing just happens, just as the sun rising each morning just happens. These companies have done some marketing, they have a great product or service, and people call them interested in obtaining it. It just happens. What a great problem! That’s right—problem.

You see, it’s a problem because most companies take those calls for granted. They expect the phones to ring again and again. If they don’t fulfill the order, make the right connection, or even answer the phone, all is good! It will ring again—right?

If you’re a business that operates in a very tight vertical or niche industry, you know what we’re talking about. The first time the phone rings, the call is answered immediately, and it’s fully valued. But why isn’t that the case every time—and in every company?

Because everyone expects the phone will ring again. Leaders like to say they are “crushing the numbers.” But are they really? Who says? Them? An excel spreadsheet? Does your customer’s experience fit internal success measures? The answer is call measurement.

With call measurement, also known as call tracking, you will get data that proves your marketing efforts are paying off, your sales are soaring, and your customer service is as good as you think it is. Because when you know how much actual business comes from your various advertising sources, you can accurately adjust your budgets to maximize the ROI of every dollar you spend on promoting your business.

“The paradox exists with organizations spending heavily on management development and marketing, yet failing to touch the front-line and those actually interacting with customers,” Callcap CEO William Steinhoff says. “We’re asking the traditionally highest churn positions to perform as a long-view stakeholders. Without unbiased guidance, reporting, and education, the risk is high.”   

If you’re running a status quo operation, run for the hills from a service like Callcap. Call measurement isn’t just for any old company—call measurement and call evaluation tools exist for companies that are willing to be brave, compete internally, and win externally.

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