09 April 2012

A Winning Combination: Humanity and Technology

We live in a thriving technology age which has provided a multitude of time-saving communication tools used socially and professionally. However, people often forget how much the human touch is appreciated in business. Do you cringe when you are forced to call in to a customer service line, knowing you will likely be on the phone with automated directional recordings for half an hour before you get the chance to speak to a human being?

For a business deeply rooted in innovative technology, Callcap still understands the value of the human touch. That’s why we have our own live customer service staff available 24/7, and also why we are so confident in the value of our Callsurance product. We can monitor your business phone calls in near real-time, and make sure your customers are receiving only the best possible experiences. When you are head to head with a competitor trying to win new business, and it comes down to competitive pricing, having better customer service will always tip the scales in your favor.

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