21 December 2011

A Holiday Message to our Customers

From Callcap CEO/President Will Steinhoff

Dear Callcap customers,

Thank you for your continued business! 2011 was a huge year of change and growth at Callcap, in both the structure of the company and innovations to our product base. All the while, though, our core value has remained the same- make customers money! This year we’ve saved our customers better than half a billion dollars in revenue and millions in making superior marketing decisions.

Taking aside all the growth statistics, I’m most proud of our employees. They continually develop products, build relationships, and serve customers in total transparency – our best time tested innovation.

Next year Callcap will be introducing next-generation concepts aimed at high touch customer retention and advanced media measurement. Expect many current product enhancements as well…several as source of your feedback.

Thanks again for partnering with us.

To a prosperous New Year,