11 May 2020

5 Ways You Can Benefit From Call Tracking

Call tracking delivers the best results when data is interpreted and optimized. Depending on the solution, call analytics can uncover a range of insights to enhance your marketing efforts. All tracking solutions detail the quantity and source of inbound calls. But more advanced technologies detail actual sales conversions and collect quality metrics like call duration and high-intent keywords (i.e. words and phrases that signal a likeliness to complete a purchase). Here are some tips to optimize your call tracking and get the most out of your technology.

1.  Test multiple channels

Take full advantage of call tracking metrics on channel response. Run the same content across multiple outlets to identify the ones that generate the most calls.

2. Test multiple message variations

Discover the selling points and language that connects best with your buyers. Run different versions of your message across the same outlet to find the text most likely to inspire action.

3. Arm call agents to close

Leverage call quality analytics to better train and equip call center staff. When you understand which agents or centers perform well, you can model their successful practices in other call centers. In addition, data can be used to help other agents improve their results. With solutions that correlate high-intent keywords to sales conversions, you can optimize agent scripts to improve chances of a successful outcome.

4. Enhance customer engagement

Call tracking helps you know who called, which enables you to keep prospects engaged during their journey. For instance, you can avoid repetitious, annoying follow-up solicitations. Plus, you can maintain appropriate communication with timely offers. And, you can customize messaging for each stage of the buying process.

5. Optimize and repeat.

To get the most from call tracking, incorporate response and quality data into your marketing workflow. Continually test and refine your channels and content. Then, turn onetime shoppers into lifelong customers.

Call tracking is most successful when approached as an ongoing optimization process. The more you fine-tune your marketing efforts, the more likely you are to understand your customer and improve your results.

If you want results, call tracking can help. Give us a try and see how we can help grow your business.

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