06 August 2014

5 Football-Inspired Business Tips To Help You Blow Past Your Competition

Hey, you, college football fan! This is the week you’ve been counting down to since last January—the beginning of college football fall camp.

Starting now, every single team has a fresh start and clean record heading into this season. High hopes of victory abound. Coaches have been poring over last year’s stats and are creating strategies by identifying their power players on both sides of the ball. Almost universally, the team that is most prepared will come home with the most Ws.

The same is true for your business. Here are five schemes from our playbook that can help you blow past your opponents.

  1. A Statistical Advantage
    Statistical analysis is as essential in businesses as it is for winning football teams. No good team goes without it, and the championship-caliber teams—and top-tier businesses—have perfected it. The key to maximizing your crucial marketing budget lies in call tracking. By using a unique phone number on each advertising piece your company puts out, you can track your stats and point out your best performers. We’ll help you get started.

  2. A High-Powered Offense
    Whether you’re a pass or a rush offense, you’ve got to know when the ball is coming your way and what to do with it. What sources are you getting the most customers from? What days and times are you experiencing the highest call volume? What is the quality of your incoming leads? These questions and more are answered clearly with call detail records.

  3. A Solid Defensive Game Plan
    Recorded calls give your entire team the opportunity to “go to the tapes” should any call need further analysis. They protect your business’ reputation and can help you decide who starts and who should be benched.

  4. Scorecards For Businesses
    When a call is not booked, a notification can go out to a sales manager quickly letting them know who called, details on what the customer was looking for, and why an appointment was not booked, providing a second chance to call the customer back and make the sale.

  5. Who’s Your Team’s MVP?
    Want to identify your staff MVPs? Call monitoring by Callcap will help you identify which of your team members are hitting home runs with your customers, and who might benefit from some extra coaching.

Make this season your best yet with help from a proven champion of customer service. Contact our team today and we’ll go one-on-one to help your team get in the game.