16 June 2015

4 Ways Call Tracking & Digital Signage Can Work Together For Your Business

Marketing is the lifeblood of any successful business. It’s how you gain prospect attention, build product or service demand, and win customers. And because it takes a lot of money to get it done, it’s important to make sure you’re spending every one of your dollars wisely—especially when it comes to the marketing tools used.

Two amazing marketing tools (that you may already know about) are digital signage and call tracking. Alone, these platforms are great for helping build your brand and understanding the needs of your customers. But when used together, they can accomplish even more. Before I tell you how, let me explain a little more about each tool.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is just what it sounds like—signage in digital form. A digital sign can be a TV wall display, a touch-screen kiosk, or a combination of the two, and it can do much more than a traditional print sign. Digital signs use rotating images, high-definition video, and interactive content to attract and hold customers’ attention, and content on signs can be changed and updated from anywhere at anytime. Digital signs have loads of benefits and work for any business in any industry.

Call Tracking & Evaluation

A call tracking number is a unique phone number companies use to determine their advertising’s return on investment. Call tracking, also known as call measurement, lets you discover your precise cost-per-lead by media, source, and campaign. By assigning each of your advertising platforms a different call tracking number, you can see which platforms work well and which ones are ineffective. For example, let’s say you run a newspaper ad, a radio spot, and a TV commercial in your area. If each of those ads promotes a different phone number, when customers call in, you’ll know which advertisement they saw based on the number they used to call you. By collecting and evaluating this data, you can get tons of valuable information about your customers, which will allow you to make better business decisions.

How can digital signage & call tracking work together?

Digital signage and call tracking can be a powerhouse duo when it comes to your company’s marketing efforts. Here are four ways they can work together for your business.

1. Training

One thing digital signage and call tracking can do together is improve your employee training programs. By using call recording, a companion to call tracking, you can listen in on real conversations between your employees and customers, which will help you figure out your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. You’ll see this information as analytics, an unbiased form you can use to learn what employees need to improve upon.

During your training sessions, you can use digital signs to play back the recorded calls, as well as display your company’s goals, core values, ways to approach problem areas, and important things to remember. You can treat training sessions as if they were actual inbound calls with customers, and display stats, opportunities, positives, negatives, and other pertinent information in real time. Employees don’t even have to be in the same location during training sessions—multiple digital signs can be programmed to display the same content, so several groups of employees can be trained at the same time in different places. As an added bonus, digital signs remove the cost and waste created by printing training packets and forms.

An important aspect of employee training is consistency. You should train every employee the same way—especially new hires. By using recorded calls and digital signage, you’ll get a standardized training platform that enables employees to reach attainable goals.

2. Customer Service & Quality Assurance

Digital signage paired with call tracking can also improve your customer service and quality assurance. By giving frontline employees a live look at how they’re performing through real-time call measurement analytics, they can improve their responses.

Digital signage can be used for internal marketing to keep employees aware of how to address common problems outside of a formal training session. By installing inward facing signs (like behind a customer service counter, in break rooms, or in staff offices), employees can view content that will help them help the customer. You can display commonly asked customer questions with answers, or show content that reminds them how to handle certain situations. Having this content directly in front of employees in their work areas can serve as a constant reminder to strive for the best.

3. Advertising

The combination of digital signage and call tracking can provide tons of benefits to your advertising campaigns. By promoting a unique call tracking number on each of your digital signs, you can accurately assess which ads prompted calls or purchases and who is on the other end of the phone. This is especially helpful if your business has multiple locations that use integrated digital signs.

With call tracking numbers implemented on digital signage, you’ll know exactly what signs and locations are bringing you the customers you want. This can help increase your company’s profit over time by allowing you to set long-term goals for your marketing budget. You can also get proof that you’re targeting the right audiences with your advertisements, which is an essential part of effective marketing and communication. You can capitalize on what’s working and further segment your tracking to learn more about your target audience, which lets you know what content will be helpful to display on your signs in the future.

4. Call Centers

Another way the digital signage and call tracking duo can work for your business is in call centers. By implementing digital signs directly in the call center, you can display real-time call monitoring and evaluation stats, which will promote an atmosphere of friendly competition and accountability. By seeing their performance highlighted on your signs, your employees will be motivated to do their best.

Use them both!

As you can see, digital signage and call tracking have a lot to offer your business. By using them together, you can improve your employee training, customer service, digital advertising, and call center atmosphere to make sure your marketing efforts provide the ROI you expect. If you want to see your business succeed, implement digital signage and call tracking together today.

Ready to get started? Contact one of our business development specialists today. We’re ready to answer your questions about how to begin using call tracking and evaluation to benchmark your success.