07 December 2015

3 Tactics for Tracking Marketing ROI in the Mortgage Industry

The mortgage industry is known for its volatility—and in this industry, every lead counts. In order to make sure you’re maximizing every angle of your marketing, you have to know what to look for. These three marketing strategies for the mortgage industry can help you make sure are improving your customer service and optimizing your marketing efforts.

1. Pay attention to how your marketing is performing.

One key step toward getting the most out of your mortgage industry marketing is to monitor your marketing performance. Track how well all of your ads, across every medium, are doing. For example, in this industry, you will want to pay special attention to your marketing over the phone—specifically by tracking things like location phone numbers, so you can find out more information about which of your locations receive the highest sales leads.

2. Use your data to learn more about your customers, so you can market more effectively.

Once you’re tracking basic information over the phone, it’s time to move to the next step: using reports to learn about the variety of information about each customer lead that rings through your system. You can get information such as caller location, address, and estimated annual income, and more.

With this data, you will be able to better pinpoint your individual customers as well as use marketing targeted by location (area code, geographic area, ZIP code), by gender, or by other information you gather. This translates into more effective marketing campaigns, which will ultimately lead to more potential customers.

3. Monitor your employees.

No matter how amazing your advertising is, if your employees aren’t providing an excellent experience to potential customers over the phone, your ad investment won’t live up to its potential. You must make sure your employees are closing the loop.

Callsurance is your answer not only to monitoring the employees who are taking your calls, but also to saving potentially “lost” sales—calls that go bad for whatever reason and then end without a sale or a booking. Instead of losing those calls to your competitors, employee names are tagged to each call record, and reports available that provide agent call volumes and booking percentages. Additionally, lost call notifications are sent to you via email within moments of a missed sales opportunity, allowing you the chance to save lost revenue by calling back a caller, overcoming customer sales objections, and closing a deal.

By paying attention to your marketing, using data about your customers, and monitoring your employees, your mortgage company can manage your marketing and customer experience and be more successful than ever before.