29 January 2015

15 Marketing Report Templates That Will Make You Look Amazing

If your boss just came in and told you to be ready to present on your marketing ROI at the next meeting, don’t panic! These 15 awesome marketing report templates will make it easy for you to drill down to the information that matters so you can effectively report on analytics. They look good, they work well, and they can help you show your team, your boss, and your whole company how amazing you’re doing.

1. How To Create A Custom Report In Google Analytics

If you’re a marketer who’s new to creating marketing reports, you should read this Econsultancy article to help you get started. Its step-by-step directions will help you understand the steps to creating a basic marketing report using Google Analytics that you can use to prove your marketing effectiveness.

2. How To Prove the ROI Of Your Marketing

If you’re looking for a tried-and-true marketing report, this HubSpot article provides information about how to use their marketing report for basic reporting along with an option for more advanced customization. With HubSpot’s templates, you can fine-tune your reports for Excel and PowerPoint depending on what exactly you need to show.

3-14. 12 Awesome Custom Google Analytics Reports Created By The Experts

This article from KissMetrics drills down into 12 specific needs marketers may have and gives brief highlights of each reporting template offered. Some of the specific reports include:

  • Reports for measuring website performance and acquisition patterns
  • Customer behavior
  • Referring sites
  • Content efficiency

15. Reports For Social Media

The first step for analyzing your social media marketing strategy will be to get the data you want to analyze. Most social media channels offer a way to look that up manually within the platform. Simply Measured offers a free social media analysis for several platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Once you have the data, you can use a social media report template like this (free!) one to help you track engagement, social leads, and even sales.